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Proof of Thought is a collection of creative products and educational services  founded by Nate Mielnik in 2017.  This includes brickdistorted LEGO® Art, resnate hip-hop music, self-help writing, life/career coaching, and a variety of other digital content creation.



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Recreating LEGO® builds with vibrant color

What started as a cost-effective approach to building and enjoying the LEGO® Architecture line evolved into a colorful and artistic collaboration of self-expression through LEGO® and photography.

brickdistorted began with a purchase of the LEGO® Fallingwater set in 2009 which lead to the first "distorted" build in 2018. 40+ projects later, brickdistorted continues to explore unique ways to leverage LEGO® as a creative medium.




hip-hop. real. original. authentic.

Bringing you unique, thought-provoking music straight outta the DMV. 

Reaching people through good music, authentic emotion, and thought-provoking wordplay. resnate is a life long poet and hip-hop fan with multiple mixtapes, EPs, and a hit LP released in 2021, the sky is the limit for this up and coming musician. 

Music that gives you something to vibe out to, something to connect with, and something new to think about on every listen.


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Nate Mielnik (founder)

Photo of Nate Mielnik (founder of ProofofThought)

Nate Mielnik (he/him) is a creative technologist and life long thought-provoker. 

A software engineer/manager by day, his passion for learning and experimenting has taken him deep into music, LEGO, photography, career/life coaching, writing, video production, investing, and dozens of software projects.